Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Six month update

growing baby:  18 pounds 8 oz
                                   27 inches long

hobbies:  rolling over to your belly then back to your back.  Repeat a million times
                      talking. talking. talking.
                      holding onto your toes 
                      ending up in funny positions when you sleep
                      "sitting" up
                      putting EVERYTHING in your mouth.  I should shave my hair off now
                      eating food mommy makes you (but you prefer nursing and I love that!)

This past month has been really fun.  I'm finding it hard to leave Quinne to go off to work.  She is becoming such a silly, fun baby.  I really noticed so many new things happening lately.  She is learning and developing so fast it's hard to keep up with her!  I feel like everyday I'm surprised be her.  She is in the 90th percentile with weight and height.  That makes me feel so good.  And we are lessening her zantac dose everyday and she is responding quite well.  I'm relieved that her reflux is taking a backseat.  Other good news I am able to eat a normal diet again! No more oatmeal and boring chicken breasts.  I can have tomatoes and marinara sauce, chocolate, and beans!  Her allergies to pretty much everything tasty have passed.  For both our sakes, I am really happy!!

Quinne you are wonderful.  

Love your mama

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