Monday, April 2, 2012

our weekends

Since David works on the weekends and I work Saturdays our "weekend" consists of little moments together as a family.  There are days when I get so sad that we don't have any days off together.  I really miss being with him all day.  It would just be so nice to have two full days of him here at home with us!  But, I am so thankful that he has a job and can support us.  So, for now we will cherish our little weekends.  

David building things 

found this after nap time.  Swaddle fail.

cozy time with the pups

delicious falafel and baba ganoush 

first time in a restaurant high chair! (With help from dad)

And a happy Monday to everyone!

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  1. Jaffa!!!!!

    What a nice weekend! I agree, I think the best weekends are when I am home with Luke and the rest of my "kids."