Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I guess I'm pretty into the sunshine since I won't stop talking about it lately!  Today is rainy and so I thought we should share some pictures from a sunny day.  Our friends had us over to enjoy the warm weather, and relax.  Quinne got to play with some of her boyfriends and even ride a tractor.  It was the funniest thing watching her ride it while these boys pushed her around the yard.  (They were all naked and I felt weird about putting nude pictures up of my friends kids, so you don't get to see those!)  Trust me it was really funny.   

I just love having friends with babies.  One day they will all be playing together and I can't wait to see the fun they will have.  

I'm off to make scones.  Coconut, almond, and chocolate chip scones.  Yum!  I guess having a gloomy day isn't so bad after all.  Happy Wednesday.

Love Noelle


  1. I can't remember if I already said this, but she makes the cutest faces!!!

    Are those the scones that you told me about before? Jealous!

  2. We have good taste... I just bought that exact same bathing suit for Lola!!! Yesterday!! Hahahaha! I want to hang out with her more, and you too!

  3. what a fun day in the sun! too many cute kiddos!!!!