Monday, April 9, 2012

happy easter

We survived our first Easter as a family of three.  We spent the day over at Davids parents house in Hanford.  It was the first time Quinne has been there so that was nice for everyone who lives there to come see her.  I on the other hand was a little on the anxious side.  I was having anxiety days before our trip, something I hate, but must accept.  I was good until about one in the afternoon, after only one nap from the little lady.  One nap all day long.  Not so hot.  Quinne usually gets three naps and they're almost two hours long each.  So one is just plain horrible.  And I'm obsessed with her naps.  I am constantly checking the clock and counting on my fingers when she should go down next, how long her naps should be, anything involving naps, naps, naps!!!  I need help.  

I am thankful that she was pretty pleasant during her anti-nap periods.  We captured some pictures of our day during the cute happy moments.  It was warm and so nice to sit on the grass together and play with our chubby little girl.  I love watching her grab her toys and chewing on them.  And I love the way she laughs and gets excited when we talk to her.  For all the worry I put myself through Quinne had a nice day and that makes me feel better.  I know schedules are going to get interrupted from time to time and that's an O.K. thing.  Quinne will survive the occasional overstimulation and hopefully I will too(!).  I can't wait to share so many more memories with my baby.  Holidays are meant to share, and I want to enjoy as much of them as I possibly can.  Hopefully next year I can look back and smile at this new mom, and think of all the things I have overcome.  Happy first Easter Quinne!

*in case you are wondering that last picture is a 'basket' my dad made for David and me.  what a sweet grandpa! 

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