Thursday, April 26, 2012

blogger for birth kits

I was reading one of my favorite blogs tonight.  Melissa over at Dear Baby has wonderful posts on motherhood, family, and honest moments in her life.  Tonight I was especially touched by her post.  I wanted to relay what she was sharing and hopefully shine some light on a tender, sad thing happening in Papua New Guinea.  

Fact: the rate of maternal death is 1 in 7 in Papua New Guinea

Adriel from The Mommyhood Memos is on a mission to collect clean birth kits through Medical Ships.  These kits are simple tools that will help in the labor and birth of babies in Papua New Guinea.  These tools will keep the mothers and babies safe from infections that arise during and after delivering.  They will help save these new mothers.  New mothers that have waited 9 long months to meet their sweet babies.  

The Birth Kits are so very cheap and simple.  From twine, to a piece of soap(not even a whole bar. A piece) can make a huge difference in these women's lives.  

I was so moved by this movement.  I cried reading about the struggles I will never fully understand.  My heart hurts for these women.   I can't imagine the thought of not making it through my labor.  Of never being able to hold Quinne.  I take for granted so many things, and medical attention is one of those things.  I don't have to worry about not getting the aid I need, or my baby.  I am so blessed in my life.  I have a home, a healthy baby, and loving people all around me.  How could I ask for more? 

I am so excited to be able to contribute to this!  Giving back is the best feeling in the world.  It's what life is all about.  My plan is to buy these things in bulk and invite my mom girls over to assemble them.  I hope you will check out Adriels blog for more info.  

Love, Noelle


  1. I'm not a mom girl, but I want to help!!! I'll even bring some wine :)

  2. Erin I would love for you to come!! I think it's going to be next Friday

  3. Applause for stirring up support for a very WORTHY cause. You have a very tender heart and Lisa and I are very proud of you and how well you take care of David and Quinne! Thanks and God continue to bless you every day with wisdom and insight. Lee/Lisa

  4. Awesome noelle! i cannot wait to help out with this amazing cause! thank u so much for organizing it!!