Monday, May 7, 2012

time with mom

For the past five days David has been away for work.  I miss him.  He does so much for Quinne and me.  We are the luckiest ladies around.  While he is away my mom has been here helping me and making sure the boogyman doesn't get me in the night.  How silly to be afraid of the dark at 28 years old.  But I still run and jump into bed when I turn the hallway light off.  Every single time.  I didn't realize how much I appreciate my mom being close to me until Quinne arrived.  Knowing that she is a short 30 minute drive away is so wonderful.  A breath of fresh air when I feel like I am unraveling at the seams.  It really is perfect timing since Mothers Day is right around the corner.  I get to spend quality time with her every night once the babe is tucked away.  Time is the best gift in life.  I'm realizing this as I get older, and since I became a mama myself.  All I want in the whole world is for time to slow down.  I would love it if I could make it stop altogether and cherish each moment at my own pace.  Soaking in all the smiles Quinne gives us, talks with my mom about her mother and her life growing up, quiet moments David and I steal late in the evening.  

I'm taking this chance to catch up with my mom.  To ask her how she is doing.  What things she wants to accomplish in her life.  What things make her sad, and happy.  I have gotten to hear so many stories I never heard about me and my sister growing up.  Watching Quinne grow up has made my mom remember little things about us when we were so small and innocent.  It's fun hearing things like that.  We laugh and remember things together while sipping wine on the deck watching the sun go down.  Sometimes I get so overwhelmed thinking that I am a mom.  That my mom is a grandma.  Life is so crazy and fast and amazing all at the same time.  I am so lucky that I get to spend this time with my mom.  I cherish it from the bottom of my heart.  It makes me extremely happy that Quinne will know her grandma so well.  I never lived by either of my grandmothers, and I was always a little sad by that.  I'm happy my little girl will get the chance to know my mom.  The woman that raised me to become the person I am today.  I will always be grateful for everything she has done for me.  
Take a second to call your mom or if you can give her a squeeze.  You will both be happy you did!


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