Monday, June 25, 2012

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little helper in the kitchen

This weekend was boring.  Not bad just boring.  The only fun part was seeing friends for an hour at a kiddos birthday party.  Quinne was up way past nap time and refused to have anyone so much as look at her without tears falling and grabbing my skin for dear life.  Not so much fun.  

I guess boring weekends are a huge part of my lack of motivation.  Lately, for whatever reason I have been a bump on a log.  I would rather lay down in bed and read than tackle the million and eleventh project I have set out to start and got distracted along the way.  I don't know what the deal is.  Stress is one thing.  I need to learn to deal with this stress thing better.  Whenever there is change on the horizon I get the worst stomach aches and basically turn into a monster.  I'll be filling you all in on that really soon:)  But maybe it's my diet...

I have always had issues with dairy and have chronic anemia so that explains some of the lethargic-ness.  I decided to start monitoring my diet and see if that helps me feel better.  I believe in a healthy lifestyle and David and I eat really good, but maybe I'm having a negative reaction to some things I eat everyday.  My sister and cousin have celiac disease and it might be what's bothering me.  So yesterday I set out to go grocery shopping at a local produce stand and hit Trader Joes and New Frontiers for gluten free items.  I hope I start feeling better soon!  My stomach has been mad and I hope this week it decides to be nice to me.

And happy Monday! I hope this week is a good one

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