Monday, June 4, 2012


Oh my what a weekend indeed.  One of my dearest friends Taryn turned thirty(well, actually today!) over the weekend, and what better way to celebrate than surprise her with a weekend to San Francisco!  For months we've been tricking her into believing that we were going to Santa Barbara, which would've been great, but two very important people would have missed out, so we secretly planned it to be where we could all be together.  I love being sneaky.  But was afraid I would say the wrong thing on so many occasions I basically ignored her the week leading up to the trip.  Sad.  But the surprise was so worth it!! She freaked out when we handed her the coffee cup that had San Francisco written on it and started heading North on the 101.  Too much fun!  The weekend was a serious good time.  I love being reminded of the good, kind and loving friends I have.  It's such a blessing and I can only hope that Quinne ends up with lasting friendships.
It was a perfect weekend but I have to admit I was so happy to be back at home in my pjs with husband and baby.  Back when we started planning the trip I had zero reservations of leaving Quinne overnight.  I was so excited to go and shop, dance, drink and be with friends.  Then the week before I started getting nervous.  Panic-y nervous.  Whenever I thought about leaving the baby girl I would cry.  David was so encouraging, reminding me that he was capable of taking care of her, and my mom was planning on being there to help.  And deep down I knew that if I backed out I would regret it instantly.  So fears aside I kissed her goodbye Saturday morning and climbed into the car headed for San Francisco, breast pump at my side.
It was comforting knowing that all my friends were leaving their kids at home too and everything would be ok.  My fears and guilt and nerves slowly eased away as the morning went by.  I'm so very happy that I was apart of Taryns birthday celebration.   It's such a great feeling to laugh so hard your stomach hurts.  To eat candy and fried foods and not feel bad about it.  Oh and cheers-ing to yummy champagne!  I have only wonderful memories that are going to last me a life time.
And for that I could not be happier.


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  1. What a fun girls weekend! I'm jealous, I really want to go to SF and visit friends too!