Thursday, June 7, 2012

date night: modified

I miss date nights.  I really really miss them.  David and I used to go out a lot pre-baby.  Even when I was pregnant we went out and enjoyed each others company surrounded by good food and strangers.  Needless to say, you can't go out that often with a baby.  And when you are a schedule nut, like myself, going out to dinner is not an option.  So, we have learned to improvise.  And bring date night to our home.
I was really sad about never spending time alone with David in the early months of Quinnes life.  Postpartum had a lot to do with my sadness, and the huge change of doing everything I'm used to doing differently.  I've learned over these past eight months that you have to be willing to change or else life is going to be a sad long adventure.  And that is not what I want out of this life I've been given.  
A dear friend of mine who has two kids told me that we need to laugh together again.  That we need to make time to spend together.  She has been in my shoes more than once and I trusted her advice.  So we went to our favorite little market in Shell Beach that has delicious salads and soups, and an amazing wine selection.  Once our little lady was fast asleep we set out to have an in home date.  And it was really fun!  I even put on some lipstick.  Crazy!  We talked about work and summer plans and everything that has been on our minds.  It was so refreshing.  I had so many things I wanted to talk about I hadn't even realized it until I started going!  And I'm sure the wine helped.  
It was a perfect night.  We spent much needed time together.  I instantly felt happier and closer to David from one little dinner date.  It is now a permanent fixture in our weekly routine.  Hooray! 

Happy Thursday


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  1. That food is literally making my mouth water! DePalo?

    I'm glad that you two got to spend some time together :)