Sunday, June 10, 2012

work and picnics

shirt:F21//skirt:Free People//heels:anthropologie 

Ahh this weekend has been quite wonderful.  There's something about this nice June weather that makes us all a bit cheerier.  And I like it!  Saturday I was off to work on a wedding party that happened to be just down the street from our house.  So lucky me got a little extra time to get ready.  That's why my hair is straight.  I actually washed it and blew it out.  Pretty wild of me!  The wedding party was young.  I mean 19 to 22 year olds young.  It was funny listening to the things that early twenty year olds talk about.  Like parties the frat house threw the last weekend of school, and if it would be weird if they kept tissues in their cleavage incase they start crying.  It was silly and I totally got in on their conversations like I'm apart of the group.  But when Amy Grants "Baby, Baby" came on and they had never heard of her or the song I felt old and weird.  Who doesn't know that song?? Oh well, I'm also not in college anymore and therefor not really hip.  
Sunday came along and greeted us with more sunshine and a free afternoon to fill with fun.  While Quinne napped I planted some succulents in pots that have been empty for about seven months now.  Just empty sitting on window sills and all over the backyard like some abstract 'art'.  And I only plant succulents because they seem to be indestructible.  Which is good because I have the opposite of a green thumb.  And on the color wheel that's red.  So it's safe to say I have a red thumb.  
When Quinne woke we headed out for a family picnic in Shell Beach.  With a quick stop at De Palo and Sons we picked up sandwiches, and a delicious brownie.  Pure perfection.  It was so peaceful to sit in the sun and take in the beautiful landscape.  I was reminded of the beauty that we are surrounded by everyday and could not be more thankful.  

How amazing are Quinnes thighs?  I can't get enough of her! 
Happy Weekend!



  1. Looks like a great day with your adorable family.

  2. Love your outfit! And your daughter's hat is too cute!

  3. Basil plant from TJ's? Me too :)

    A picnic this weekend would have been heavenly. You are so lucky that your dogs are so well behaved. Frankie would have been jumping all over the food!

  4. Erin our dogs are horrible listeners!! I just captured a moment when they were in trouble. David threatened to throw them off the cliff they were being so bad!