Friday, June 22, 2012

friday fun

David has been gone all week and finally came home today.  I really do not like him being gone, but I have to take a deep breath and keep going.  It's so hard with him gone and I find myself feeling so lonely.  I do love and appreciate time alone yet when it's all week after working and taking care of Quinne solo, I don't love it so much.  It is so nice having someone share your evenings with.  Even if you are just playing with phone apps like Cat Effect and sending the pictures to each other while sitting right next to each other.  We are so very cool it's nuts!  But that's what I like.  To have him to share all my boring totally lame nights with.  

When he is gone I am totally convinced that someone is going to break in and kill me.  It's a serious fear and normally I will make my sister or mom stay with me.  I suppose I need to get over this irrational fear and remember that Law and Order is a t.v. show, not my life.  So until then I will sleep with lights on, and walk through the house with a knife to make sure nobody is hiding in the closets.

Since he got back late last night today we got to spend the whole day together as a family.  It was so fun.  It started out with me 'sleeping in'.  Yep I got to sleep in until 7:20.  That's sleeping in around here people and I was utterly and completely grateful!  Next we went to breakfast at Zorros, of course, to pig out on pancakes and bloody mary's(not me yuk!).  After nap number one we headed to my favorite place, a nursery and everything amazing store, Farm Supply Company.  They were having a sale on plants so we stocked up for our backyard.  I'm so excited to work on the landscape!  Then we headed up to Atascadero to visit some of our dear friends who recently opened up a brewery.  I am so excited and proud of them!  I have know Kendall since high school and his wife is one of my favorite people in the world.  I couldn't be more happy for my friends.  And not to mention they have an amazing selection of beer.  Quinne even had a great time.  The day ended cuddled together watching Date Night.  Totally unrealistic and silly, but it made us laugh and had a pretty good message in the end.  And who doesn't like Tina Fey and Steve Carell??  

playing music waiting for me to wake up

woo hooo!!

 baby in a bar

how cool is this place?? and Quinnes face(haha!)

my sweets and her sweet tennies 

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!  


  1. goodness, I've never had to go a week without Rob, I don't think I'd cope. It's so hard being alone :( glad he's back x

  2. Noelle that is my life right now...the being alone at night thing since Dennis STILL works graveyards...and we could not be more alike! I don't even let myself watch any sort of negative TV at night (not even news) to help keep my mind from going to those dark places. Hahaha.

  3. I loved seeing you guys yesterday!

    And after the attempted break in incident I don't think I will ever stay home alone :(