Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a Christmas party

We had a small gathering the other night to celebrate the season and friendships.  The holidays give the perfect opportunity to eat lots of goodies, drink yummy drinks and be with the ones you love.  Our friends mean so much to us and we love having them over to our house.  Hosting parties is so much fun!  A little stressful, until I have a glass of wine, but so worth it.  I think it's a way of showing love, and saying we are happy you're in our lives.  David gave a really sweet toast that made a few eyes misty and champagne was poured and enjoyed.  To make things extra fun we did a white elephant exchange, starting with the letter A.  And creativity was encouraged.  The gifts ranged from apron(which was adorable and yours truly got) to an actual live animal.  Which didn't go over too well.  Yikes.  But all in all I think it was fun.  I really hope so at least.  I think the worst part of hosting a party is the fun level your guests have.  I was a ball of anxiety for a fair portion of the night.  My dream is for everyone to really enjoy themselves and the company around them.  Am I nuts or what?!

Our tripod was up and running, and here are some shots.  I didn't take any pictures of the party happening all around us so all we have are these...

 that clicker was acting up

 That's Krista from augie and lola!

Michelle and Denny. 
 Hey it's Michelle again!
 High school sweethearts 

 The gang with our loot

Taryn gettin crazy!

Thank you all for being our friends!  David and I appreciate and love all of you.


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