Monday, December 10, 2012

lost but not forgotten

The other day I was looking through my closet, sorting out the things I never wear anymore, or will never wear, or have never worn.  I try to stick to a rule, that whenever I buy something new I have to get rid of something.  It saves from clutter, and for me is a good rule to live by.  I don't need so much stuff and it feels good to keep things simple.  David does it now too and it's something we will teach Quinne.  So I was doing one of my sweeps, and looked down to  my shoes and noticed my high heels staring at me.  They looked so lonely and lovely down there in their cubby.  And they were all dusty!  I miss wearing my heels.  I used to get dressed up just to go get a drink with girlfriends.  And any time David and I went out I put on my dancin' shoes.

These days you're lucky to see me with mascara on.  And forget nice shoes with a heel.  It's funny that what used to be so fun and normal became so tiring and planned out.  If I wear heels I'm either going to a party or basically that's it.  I'm too tired and running late to plan out a cute outfit these days.  Flats and boots have become my new best friends, which are cute don't get me wrong!  I miss the days were getting dolled up didn't seem like a task that made me exhausted half way through getting dressed.

Makeup, accessories, and clean hair aren't my things anymore.  My selection of flannels is increasing every month in alarming rates.  And the over usage of workout clothes is shameful.  I'm seeing that just because I'm tired and dealing with more poopie diapers than I ever thought was humanly possible from such a small being, I can take a second to get myself ready.  Looking good makes you feel good and that is something I've let slip through my tacky chipped-nail-polished hands.  I want to start taking the time to take care of myself.  Emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  I've dealt with a lot this past year and more, and I think it's time to make time for me.  Not in a selfish way, just in a way that helps me from going completely nuts.  

So here's to you fancy shoes!  I will be seeing you soon.  Just after I clean up the barf all over the car seat, and myself (true fact.).  


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  1. Lets get dressed up and go have fancy Christmas cocktails somewhere...or get a massage that sounds nice too. You always look beautiful noelle but I get what you're saying. You live your life to make others feel good and some for you. But please don't be hard on yourself for chipped nail polish. #whatsmyexcuse