Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Eve

Poor David is so busy during the Christmas season.  It makes me so sad how much I don't see him, and how little time Quinne gets to play with him.  I know this is the nature of his job and we make it though just fine, but I wish it was like in the movies where we have a week off together.  Playing in the snow, ice skating, and making gingerbread houses.  Oh wait we don't live in the snow!  I really do want that cliche Christmas just one year.  

So sure enough on Christmas Eve he had to go in.  I was sad and cried about it, but the show must go on.  His family came into town and we were hosting at our place.  I planned on chili and cornbread since I didn't have David there to help me and I'm not a good cook.  Not in the slightest, so I knew the dinner had to happen in the crock pot.  Thank goodness it turned out good!  I was scared that I didn't have anything planned for the hours I was entertaining by myself. But who am I kidding, I have Quinne who is the ultimate entertainer.  From her sassiness to her silly side she had everyone smiling all day.  If she ends up on broadway I will not be surprised.

It was a good, simple day.  When David got home we exchanged a few gifts and lounged around.  Quinne was too cute and really makes these days extra special.  I love watching her play and warm up to everyone around her.  

Quinne is a fun age for opening presents.  You have to help her tear and get it going, but once that's done she is an opening champion.  It was fun for her to open presents regardless of who's it was! 

 A special puzzle for her

 Such good coffee.  Straight from Costa Rica!

Quinne got her first bike too!  It's so sweet and little.  I can't wait to see her pedaling around one day!

Round one went good.  Family is important and special and we're so lucky to have so many people to love.  



  1. Spending Christmas with kids is so special and so much fun! I love seeing their excited faces as they open gifts :)

  2. Thanks so much to David , Noelle and Quinne for making our Christmas so special. It was very fun just hanging out and taking a walk and playing with Quinne of course. Noelle you are a great cook. The hors d' erves were great and the chili with all the toppings was over the top...It was an especially awesome time just to relax together. Thanks again soooo much for all your hospitality...Love you all, Lee/Lisa
    Have a Blessed New Year...