Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jolly St. Nick

This has got to be one of the funniest, and awful Christmas traditions.  Getting your picture taken with 'Santa'.  It's really just a complete stranger dressed like Kris Kringle, sitting in a strange little house with grown ups dressed like elves.  As weird and silly that this tradition is, I love it nonetheless.  I can't help but giggle seeing little kids kick and scream for their parents, trying their best to escape the large strangers arms.  We really do have some bizarre traditions that make zero sense.  Maybe they're around to lighten the mood of holiday craziness and give everyone a good laugh.  Even if it is a sympathetic laugh.  

So of course Quinne is one of the kids screaming.  I wouldn't expect it to be any other way.  Thankfully this year there wasn't anyone in line so we didn't look like total freak parents, forcing their baby to take one "good" picture.  She yelled, and kicked and was able to turn her whole body around on the poor guy, resulting in her face in his screaming.  Too good!!  What was odd, and slightly encouraging was that she didn't have tears.  I feel better about her just being mad than super sad.  It was a success and I'm happy we got one picture of her looking at the camera! 

And here's last years.  She was only two months old and didn't love Santa.

Happy Wednesday all!!

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