Thursday, December 20, 2012

a cookie party

The holidays aren't complete without an overdose of sugar.  More specifically, baked goods.  I love everything baked and when you give options for decorating, it doesn't get any better.  Or sweeter!  My sweet friend Michelle put together a perfect afternoon of decorating sugar cookies, sipping home made hot chocolate, and enjoying each others company.  The kids had a ball, creating mini eatable masterpieces.  I love watching their little minds come to life when they do fun projects.  Seeing them so happy and laughing makes me beyond happy.  I really can't wait for Quinne to be apart of all the fun.  Instead of ripping Christmas decorations down all throughout the house!  Ha!

Happy baking, eating and having a wonderful Christmas time! 



  1. oh my gosh I can't believe this post!!! i am so honored. your pictures are beautiful noelle! thank you so much for capturing these fun moments!

  2. This was so fun!!!! Thanks Michelle for doing this and Noelle for these pictures!