Sunday, December 16, 2012


I've had a heavy heart these past few days.  The news coming out of Connecticut has broken my heart into a million pieces.  It's a sick feeling, one that causes me to lose my appetite and cry in an instance.  The thought of so many little children, babies, dying at the hands of a kid himself is too much to bare.  I can't really think straight to be honest.

I try to put myself in the lives of those involved and only can cry, deep painful tears.  Because I cannot imagine what they are going through.  I cannot imagine not seeing my baby one day.  The thought of Quinne not being in my life is unbearable.  It's my worst nightmare.  And to think that twenty six parents lost a child that day.  From a tiny first grader to the school principle.  I can't help but be angry right alongside my sadness.  Why did so many innocent people have to die in such a brutal and scary way?  Why kids?  It's an age old question and one that cannot be comprehended by humans, yet I still ask it and long to know an answer.

I pray for the town of Newton Connecticut.  For peace, unity and love.


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