Friday, December 7, 2012

family time

Here are some shots of our first family photos.  First as in a professional took them, and we actually got sort of dressed up, and I wore eye liner.  So it was a big deal.  Our friend Paul took them and I'm pretty happy with them.  It was freezing and we were standing in squishy dirt.  The sun was setting so we had about twenty minutes to do them.  Quinne was a stinker and only smiled for about five pictures.  And I am realizing just how un-photogenic I am.  My eyes are closed and I have about three chins in most of the pictures.  David on the other hand cannot smile on que without looking ridiculous.  We were dying laughing when we looked through all of them the other night.  A special group of people we are.

Cheers to family!



  1. Such beautiful pictures! My favorites are the black and white ones, so cute!! Which are you using for your Christmas card?

  2. Perfection! The cutest family ever.

  3. What GREAT pictures and EVERYONE was having such a fun time!!!

  4. these are gorgeous photos! you lucky little lady! i hope you have these framed all over your house.