Monday, December 31, 2012

goodbye year 2012

Everyone always says it, myself included, ' I can't believe this year is over'.  Something about December flying by and having so many activities gives me the illusion that time is really going fast, but during the year I sometimes feel like it is inching by taking its sweet ass time and making me crazy.  This past year I have had so many tests, and trials that I wished it would be over on many occasions.  But I also had moments were I wished that time would completely stop and I could live in that moment forever.  It was a trying and difficult year.  I battled with postpartum depression, sleepless nights for months and months, and an overall overwhelming year.  It had beautiful moments that I will cherish forever, but I spent most of the year sad, and depressed.  Pretty crappy you might think, but I learned a whole lot that will help me be a better person in the long run.  And hopefully I will have stories and lessons to share with women who are going through what I went through.  That is my prayer and hope entering into 2013.

I never make new years resolutions.  Mainly because they will be broken within two weeks of me making them, and who wants to feel like a loser this early in the new year?  So I'm making goals for me and my family.  It's refreshing to look at your life and try to better the areas that need fixing.  A few things that have been on my heart and mind are these:

- find moments each day to be alone and breath.  Sounds weird and Yogi-ish, but I need to take time to calm down and relax.  I've developed an anxiety issue and tend to panic over the littlest of things.  I want to heal and learn to let go of my worry and anxiety this year.

- practice patience.  I have a tiny bit of patience and it totally has been shown to me this year just how much I lack in this area of my life.  Towards David, Quinne and pretty much everyone on the road at the same time as me.  

- I have a huge weight on my heart towards people in need and want to open my life and time to those who need it most.  

- make being active a bigger part of my life, and Davids as well.  I know I can't make him exercise, but I want to start doing more things together as a family.  

- pray more.

- enjoy all the days, moments, opportunities that come my way and learn to see the joy in everything.  

I hope this new year brings a fresh start to everyone.  There is so much hurt and anger and bad in the world today.  But there is also so much beauty and kindness.  I want to focus on the latter and teach Quinne that there is reason to fight for a better tomorrow.  It starts at home, in my heart.  And I'm really looking forward to the next year to come!  



A stand up on our hands

Everywhere we go people comment on Quinnes facial expressions.  They stop me, or come up to me and ask where she gets her wittiness from.  And I don't blame anyone for their comments because she is usually glaring at them, then laughing, then glaring again.  She is a tiny comedian.  Yesterday we were at breakfast and our waitress, who knows and loves Quinne, said she wouldn't be surprised if Quinne was the next Ellen Degeneres.  I love Ellen so that would be fine by me!  

During bath time later that night she was on a roll.  From giving me looks that would hurt my feelings if she wasn't a baby, to channeling her inner Kevin from Home Alone.  So naturally we took pictures of her.  She had us laughing so hard, which prompted her to make more ridiculous faces and scowls.  I can always count on her for a good laugh.  

Oh and Happy New Years Eve!  


Friday, December 28, 2012

A Christmas story..

I believe Christmas time is magic.  It brings family and friends together, it makes you feel like a kid again and happiness fills the air.  The anticipation leading up to Christmas morning is exciting and always make me happy.  I am so so excited for Quinne to know who Santa is and believe in the magic of the season.

David and I didn't exchange gifts with each other this year.  Instead we're putting new windows in.  How exciting!  But we did fill the stocking up, which in my mind is always just as fun as opening gifts.  There's Quinnes baby doll taking a rest before she wakes up and never leaves her alone.  Santa kept it simple this year for her.  

We spent the morning just the three of us.  It was so much fun and made me happy being in p.j.s together opening gifts and sipping coffee.  Quinne was in love with her baby and also loved our presents just as much.  I think she enjoyed opening the pretty packages more than anything.

A Christmas bird sweater for a little beauty.

My family came over in the afternoon and we spent time opening more presents and sharing more laughs than my abs could handle.  She is the funniest little girl and really hammed it up.  Gift opening took ten times longer than anyone would have imagined due to the fact that Quinne had to open each one.  Good thing there weren't too many to open!

I didn't take too many pictures of the day.  We were too busy chasing around a little lady and eating way too much cheese.  Seriously my stomach still hurts.  David napped, and the rest of us watched Christmas movies trying to fit in as many as we could before they are put away for another year.  (Although I have been known to watch them in the middle of June, longing for chilly weather and baked pecan pies)  It was a wonderful, lazy day.  Just how we like it!  I'm sad it's over already.  I can't wait for next year.

Happy Holidays to all!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Eve

Poor David is so busy during the Christmas season.  It makes me so sad how much I don't see him, and how little time Quinne gets to play with him.  I know this is the nature of his job and we make it though just fine, but I wish it was like in the movies where we have a week off together.  Playing in the snow, ice skating, and making gingerbread houses.  Oh wait we don't live in the snow!  I really do want that cliche Christmas just one year.  

So sure enough on Christmas Eve he had to go in.  I was sad and cried about it, but the show must go on.  His family came into town and we were hosting at our place.  I planned on chili and cornbread since I didn't have David there to help me and I'm not a good cook.  Not in the slightest, so I knew the dinner had to happen in the crock pot.  Thank goodness it turned out good!  I was scared that I didn't have anything planned for the hours I was entertaining by myself. But who am I kidding, I have Quinne who is the ultimate entertainer.  From her sassiness to her silly side she had everyone smiling all day.  If she ends up on broadway I will not be surprised.

It was a good, simple day.  When David got home we exchanged a few gifts and lounged around.  Quinne was too cute and really makes these days extra special.  I love watching her play and warm up to everyone around her.  

Quinne is a fun age for opening presents.  You have to help her tear and get it going, but once that's done she is an opening champion.  It was fun for her to open presents regardless of who's it was! 

 A special puzzle for her

 Such good coffee.  Straight from Costa Rica!

Quinne got her first bike too!  It's so sweet and little.  I can't wait to see her pedaling around one day!

Round one went good.  Family is important and special and we're so lucky to have so many people to love.  


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a Christmas party

We had a small gathering the other night to celebrate the season and friendships.  The holidays give the perfect opportunity to eat lots of goodies, drink yummy drinks and be with the ones you love.  Our friends mean so much to us and we love having them over to our house.  Hosting parties is so much fun!  A little stressful, until I have a glass of wine, but so worth it.  I think it's a way of showing love, and saying we are happy you're in our lives.  David gave a really sweet toast that made a few eyes misty and champagne was poured and enjoyed.  To make things extra fun we did a white elephant exchange, starting with the letter A.  And creativity was encouraged.  The gifts ranged from apron(which was adorable and yours truly got) to an actual live animal.  Which didn't go over too well.  Yikes.  But all in all I think it was fun.  I really hope so at least.  I think the worst part of hosting a party is the fun level your guests have.  I was a ball of anxiety for a fair portion of the night.  My dream is for everyone to really enjoy themselves and the company around them.  Am I nuts or what?!

Our tripod was up and running, and here are some shots.  I didn't take any pictures of the party happening all around us so all we have are these...

 that clicker was acting up

 That's Krista from augie and lola!

Michelle and Denny. 
 Hey it's Michelle again!
 High school sweethearts 

 The gang with our loot

Taryn gettin crazy!

Thank you all for being our friends!  David and I appreciate and love all of you.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

a cookie party

The holidays aren't complete without an overdose of sugar.  More specifically, baked goods.  I love everything baked and when you give options for decorating, it doesn't get any better.  Or sweeter!  My sweet friend Michelle put together a perfect afternoon of decorating sugar cookies, sipping home made hot chocolate, and enjoying each others company.  The kids had a ball, creating mini eatable masterpieces.  I love watching their little minds come to life when they do fun projects.  Seeing them so happy and laughing makes me beyond happy.  I really can't wait for Quinne to be apart of all the fun.  Instead of ripping Christmas decorations down all throughout the house!  Ha!

Happy baking, eating and having a wonderful Christmas time!